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About Me


I'm Angette, and this is My Home

I am 26 and born in Perth, Western Australia. 

I love cooking, shopping, styling my home (and love putting in my opinion on other peoples homes)!

I have a Croatian / Serbian background, and learnt my cooking skills over time by watching my Baba Angie, Grandma Margaret and Mum Branka cook! I always have room to improve and I love to take on recipe's of any kind! Feel free to send through idea's & recipe's you have come across in your time that you want to share with the world!

This blog is a way for me to express what I love in one place and share it with you all. 

It may not be the likes & tastes of everyone, but it is somewhere where I can post my favorite furniture, recipe's and décor!


THINK: Moods, vibes and tasty dishes!


Things I Do

Culinary Content

Recipe's I come up with / have come across in my time / have seen recently / or made recently. 


I currently only style my own house. Changing items here and there. I love to op shop, eBay or bargain hunt! A good find is always something worth bragging about!

Social Media Advising

I am on Instagram and Pinterest. Please see links below or to the right > 

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